Welcome! Nothing here is traditional:

Stop at the gallery: we are so much fun like enjoying art on comfortable sofas! 

Buy any art once and become a member for life! It’s not a boring stuff!

Members can exchange* art from the same artist anytime and as many times as they want…

This is Ula Davitt. The owner.

Welcome to Ula Gallery or we call it Ula-land! It is like local art brew-house: great art and great time! No fancy shmancy…

*Art Exchange. How it works:

We represent living artists. So, if you buy artwork from our living artist, you can exchange it to any other art from the same artist as many times as you want…The catch is: return the artwork in person or by FedEx packing service in the same condition! Then pick another one same or higher value and as long as artists are living. Nice, ah?

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