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Michael Easton
Michael Easton
Michael Easton
Michael Easton
Michael Easton


Michael Easton

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Michael Easton, fine art nature photography, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Subconscious aspects of nature imagery.

Whether in black and white or color, my work rewards the viewer with new meaning and interpretation over time. The inspiration behind each image was designed to excite the viewer and stimulate their aesthetic senses.

The viewer may notice that these close-up studies have an unusual quality of being in focus throughout the image. This latter phenomenon is a unique feature of my work in this genre. These images are a result of the combination of 10 to 20 images each at a slightly different focus. Through software, the sharp bits are then combined to produce one completely sharp image. The light and the image have to remain unchanged throughout the process which can take up to 20 minutes to make all the required exposures. The camera is mounted on a sturdy tripod and the shutter is tripped by cable release to minimize any camera shake.

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The reason for my special interest in nature photography is to help people reconnect with our true heritage and thus add a vital element to the human experience which is often missing in today’s urban environments. My black and white and colour fine art nature photography reflects a personal vision of the spirituality of the land. Fine art nature photography is a way of life that translates the passion for the land into a shared experience of imagery through the medium of the fine print. My prints are designed to endure through the ages so that future generations can appreciate what was once available in nature, but through the activities of man, is no more.

I remember, as a child in British Columbia, spending many long wonderful summers with my grandmother in the small Kootenay town of Nakusp located on an expansive portion of the Columbia River known as the Upper Arrow Lake. In the late 1950's and early 1960's there still remained large pockets of virgin interior rain forest. These ancient trees were hundreds of feet tall and measured 6 to 10 feet in diameter at their base. The woodland caribou were abundant. Large stately cottonwood trees ringed the Arrow Lakes which rose and fell with the natural rhythm of the seasons. This was my playground and my classroom. My natural sense of curiosity was my teacher. My childhood experiences have had a lasting effect in focusing my attention on the natural landscape. Here the plants and animals are like old friends because of my familiarity with them. The forest is my neighborhood.

I have been cultivating the art of nature photography for over 40 years. My skills are largely self-taught through experimentation, discussions with other photographers and the continual reading of technical books on photographic methods that interest me. My photographic eye is uniquely my own without any particular mentor or teacher. My association with the Western Photographic Circle since 1987 has given me significant motivation in the pursuit of technical excellence in photographic art through a monthly peer review of prints.

I have been judging at camera clubs, photographic salons and various photographic competitions for over 25 years. I always like to take the time and encourage photographers with helpful suggestions and positive comments.

Michael’s prints are represented in many private and corporate collections and, more recently, in a growing number of Canadian Embassies throughout the world.