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Margi Hafer
Margi Hafer
Margi Hafer
Margi Hafer
Margi Hafer


Margi Hafer

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Margi Hafer, Frankfort, Illinois artist. Love of color, exploring forms, experimenting with watercolor and mixed media collage take it’s realistic, fantasy, or abstract forms on a direction of its own.

Margi Hafer, Frankfort, Illinois.

Web: E-mail: PH 815-370-3345 Facebook/Twitter/Instagram:  Margi Hafer

Meeting place: Starbucks at 20801 LaGrange Road, Frankfort, IL 60423

Commissioned work: murals, sculpture, illustration, portraits.

I currently work primarily in watercolors and mixed media collage. My love of color dominates my work, be it realistic, fantasy, or abstract. I love to experiment with techniques and color usage, I have been commissioned for murals, portraits, caricatures, and hand painted objects. I can paint almost anything, as long as feel it is appropriate and in good taste.

My background in mixed media sculpture and painting has led me to my quest to explore new ways of expressing myself in various mediums. I have always had a fondness for watercolor painting, and often include watercolors in my collage work. I like
to experiment with watercolors on various papers (hot pressed cold pressed and Yupo).
Other current explorations of alcohol inks, and fluid acrylic pouring have expanded my knowledge of new media. The combination of multiple media has always fascinated me. It’s an exciting and creative way to approach Art, and a must for collage.
I have used ink and watercolor together for years, but recently gained new insight into
this combination when I became interested in the “Doodle” aspect of ink drawing using multiple squares of doodling, adding one square at a time, to create a finished composition. I repeat and vary lines and designs as I expand and connect new images.
One of the great things about working on 6” squares is that you can take the many where and “doodle at your leisure. It does get a little complicated as the squares multiply and expand the finished composition .

Art has always been a part of my life. Even as a small child, I would spend hours drawing and creating fanciful “objects of art” I earned a BFA in Fine Art, and teaching certification at Northern Illinois University, and a MA in Mixed Media
Sculpture, with an emphasis in clay, from Governors State University. I taught Art
on the high school and community college levels, and I was Assistant Director of the Fine and Performing Arts Center at Moraine Valley Community College for several years.
I enjoy exploring, and reinterpreting the forms, colors and composition as my work develops. My work often has a spiritual quality, and will take on a direction of its own that is completely different than what I originally conceived. I usually work full palette when painting and/or using other materials to create art.
Although my Masters Degree is in sculpture, most of my more recent work has been painted, and often mixed media. My two-dimensional work varies from watercolor, collage, to large acrylic paintings and murals.
I currently teach watercolor classes at Tall Grass Arts Center and also in my home/studio. I am a Guild Member of many art associations.