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Edita Suchockyte
Edita Suchockyte
Edita Suchockyte
Edita Suchockyte
Edita Suchockyte


Edita Suchockyte

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Edita Suchockytė Art studio in Uzupis, Vilnius, Lithuania. The line is the most important in the artworks. Women's face is always majestic and beautiful.

Edita Suchockytė - Macijauskienė. Graphic Art. Vilnius, Lithuania +370 618 15323

Connect on Facebook Page: Edita Suchockyte Art

Studio/Gallery: Uzupio 14-1, Vilnius, Lithuania

Press release in English

Seven bridges over the river Vilnele (Vilnius, Lithuania) lead to obelisk “Uzupis Angel” where my studio is. Uzupis is a place where art, not commerce, thrives. It is a home for many artists and small boutiques; it is called Republic of Uzupis with its own constitution. We all know each other, we wave across the street to each other. People are coming from around the world to see it, from Europe, Australia, USA, and Middle East.
Almost all the visitors that come in my studio end up listening to stories about graphic techniques I use. I show them how to engrave on a metal plate and how to press on paper. It is not quite that simple as it sounds, it is a long complex procedure, and it requires a lot of knowledge more than just being able to draw. I apply ink, press it on paper and create something new; the same etching pressed several times gets quite different results.

The line is the most important in my artworks. I am a graphic artist; I utilize various ways etchings, dry point and monotypes. Since I was a girl, I loved people in art. Even when I create grotesque human figure, I see beauty in its ugliness. I never get tired of human figure. Each time I draw woman’s face, I feel as if it’s the first time. They can be joyful, majestic, beautiful (or not), nude or in rippling dresses, surrounded by people, feathers, or dragonflies. There are a few men too; men, children and little devils.

I graduated from Art Academy graphic art, Vilnius, Lithuania. My choice of career was influenced by my father, Vitalijus Suchockis, a well-known Lithuanian artist. He was the person who first revealed to me the secrets of art and was my first art teacher.
In 1997 I held my first personal exhibition. The drawings, dominated by shadows, lines and half-tones, were executed using just a few colors. Through them I tried to express my understanding of the world, to reveal the meaning of eternal values and to help each man discover his inner self by distancing himself from the material everyday life.
In 1999 I exhibited 7 etchings entitled The Creation of the World, were music and creation took off from the literary theme to mysticism and mystery. The work received the highest evaluation. My 2001 Tanzanian period also affected my imaginary to exotic and emotional variations. I exhibited my works in many countries and I have clients all around the world. When my work is taken abroad, I always hope it will find a place for itself and be happy; would be in harmony with the surroundings, like the one in France (FB June 12, 2015)