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Message to Art Galleries

Art Galleries, the traditional way an artist needs you is to display his/her artworks. Now, with Local Art Stars, artists bring their own clients to you.

Local Art Stars is a unique Online Galley where we help Independent artists to be established Online and meet clients face to face.


Artists need you more than ever!

After studying how people buy in the past year, Local Art Stars is providing a new data base for the best fine art artists, based on – MAP. Like Trivago for Hotels, Local Art Stars MAP allows clients to discover art near them.

For clients we are shortening time for research and extending the buying process, which can be at your gallery! To find examples of artwork right on a phone is much easier than to know a gallery’s trend. Prospects find art they need, then they come to buy at your gallery!

Leverage our expensive advertising! You can take advantage of our online and magazine advertising, because we want clients to meet artists and buy art "in person". For example select 3-5 artists that represents your gallery the best and link them to your brick and mortar gallery. Clients find art pictures first and then contact your gallery.

Why we do what we do? We notice many people are intimidated by Art Galleries, because they don’t know much about art. With mini profiles of artists that we display, a new client familiarizes themselves with artwork before they commit. This shortens the “just looking” period. This is truly perfect!

Our team of sale professionals also provide each Artist with new Art Sales Manual - latest and proven tips how to sell art. We believe everyone should know how to serve clients, how to maintain the relationship, and how to keep them buying. Sales also embedded with our Art Curators!

Independent artists, the ones you do not represent, need a meeting space with their client. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they met at your gallery? Free marketing for your gallery? Art lover that someone else brought in? Amazing!

We go further. To bring original art to masses, we advertise: “November is LOCAL ART month.” We want everyone to benefit. During November we encourage artists to make a pop-up art show. What can be better than to have intellectual fun on rainy nights before all kind of holidays? Just like after Thanksgiving people support small business, imagine if November goes nationally as “Shop Art locally month?”

We believe in two things: "Clients are born every minute" and "Art cannot be stuck, it has to flow" (our mission). Someone buys, someone commissions, and it will generate new fresh ideas. Ugliness will disappear, because people want something beautiful. Creativity grows as well as good emotions, and according to the famous Dostoevsky phrase: "Beauty will save the world”.

If you believe that you and artists will benefit from this exciting new online National Local Fine Artist data, let’s spread the word, give artists to sign up, because clients want art and they need to find it!

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