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There is a story about how this site came about. A long time ago, I lived in a cultural vortex. Every other person was an artist. It was all about art, music, theater and good beer. Naturally I was involved with arts all my life, graduating from a few art schools and curating exhibitions in my country Lithuania, then Canada, and now the USA.

In 2008 I (finally!) got married and settled down in NW Indiana. It was a calm "country living" for me. I tried to find like-minded people, be engaged in culture, go to art events, but only downtown Chicago satisfied my hunger. I thought I knew it all. Apparently, here, in NW Indiana, there are a few local art groups, and some artists are well-known, but I could not find them for years. That's when I came up with the idea to feature local artists, who deserve to be visible, known, and celebrated!

Do yourself a favor, stop buying mass production, and support local artisans! What if November becomes Local Art Month? What if December we give away art? Can you imagine how much everyone will be enriched by art? Embellish your home with unique artworks and embellish your soul with feelings from it.


Our Mission: "Art cannot be stuck, it has to flow." Someone buys, someone commissions, and it will generate new fresh ideas. Ugliness will disappear because people want something beautiful. Creativity grows as well as good emotions, and according to the famous Dostoevsky phrase: "Beauty will save the world”.



Contact us: We are definitely waiting for your comments!

 (CEO) Ula Davitt