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November LOCAL ART month

Just like shop small business Saturday, after Thanksgiving we are bringing attention to LOCAL ARTS and art itself. People, please don't buy mass production for your homes and this is why...

Creating an artwork requires all artist's presence to be immersed into it. Nothing then exists, just painter and canvas coming to life. That created life tells a story. If you recognize yourself in it, it means that artwork is for you. That is why “art is in the eyes of beholder”. Mass production loses feelings, depth of original art, like a story was told so many times, that it becomes pale.

Original art is real, rich in codes, and emotions. It will speak forever, never expires, and it can be kept for generations. By the way, art is always expensive, because it is a luxury. To create it is a luxury, to own it is a pride. Congratulations if you are an art owner! You just did something that a few will never be able to.

If you did not know about artists near you, now there is no excuse. Shop fine art near you, shop when you travel, support local artists, and live beautifully!