Local Art Stars is not a traditional art vendor serving wall décor to retail and interior design.

We are “alive:” representing real artists, “fresh” fine art and providing live events on demand.

Welcome to Exceptional

We are adding Art Gallery clientele to your store.

Why? Because art galleries are intimidating or non-existent. That means a lot of art lovers are longing to be captivated and be your own best clients!

Article: Furniture retailers add artwork to their collections: “Art galleries kind of make you feel like you don’t know anything. When you show people that art is not intimidating, they will respond.” Chicago Tribune 2004

If your store is known for a brand name furniture, you also carry designer light fixtures, and offer the best rug makers, right? You know the quality and how everything made. What about the last and the most luxury touch of home design – ART?

We offer same “high expectation” quality about art. Our team of art professionals provide full service to delight art lovers.  With us your client will have an opportunity not only to understand fine art (where exactly is the value?) but also they will become extremely loyal to you. This is what we do, (this is what art does), and this is our exclusivity to you.

How do we do that? Read two pages below:


Art directly from Artists’ studios

Hi, I am Ula Davitt, an art agent representing living artists. I handpick artworks to follow fashion or tradition. I meet each artist, and I know how they create, (some masterpieces are literally webbing in the garage… while people are buying mass production…)

I stand against fake art and there is a lot of it these days. Please don’t sell week art. It is not fulfilling, it “expires,” just like cheap furniture is not sustainable. You’ll never get bored from real art. Will you ever get tried from Monet? Chagall? I am not even mentioning forged art.

There is so much fresh art created by local artists. It can be innovative or traditional yet reflects the spirit of today’s life. They spend years acquiring techniques, and growing their talents. Plus, local artists like local business are loved right away. There is so much I can tell…

Intellectual Fun

Art buying is actually addictive. What makes people wanting more? …if you give them what they really REALLY want, (and with art is to discover something intimate for themselves). Clients become extremely loyal, they start talking, sharing, and bringing their friends.

Is it possible? How? Magic! Well, a gallery-like art show will do it. Because you invite people to a party with a little bit of picante education and a lot of fun. That’s my, as art curator my entire life expertise.  I create “wanting and buying” atmosphere.

The intellectual fun what makes us the excusive art vendor. Imagine art gallery show business at your furniture store.

The trend to have art events anywhere else but galleries just stared. For example online design are featuring exclusive artists. Microbreweries are dedicating curated art spaces like at

Furniture stores will be a big hit in the nearest future. In my observation every tenth person is looking for artwork at the right furniture store. Let’s present them art in the right way…