Local Art Stars is not an ordinary art vendor serving wall décor to retail and interior design.

Local Art Stars represents living artists, “fresh” art, and art shows on demand.

“There is so much great art created by local artists! I handpick each artwork …” – says Ula Davitt, art agent.  – “This art has to be on the walls.”



Art directly from Artist’s studios

The power of art is about to be discovered in a larger scale. We are answering a new demand of featuring local artists in real world.

Thank goodness, people finally are getting tired of mass produced, impersonal, “week” art.  It expires, just like cheap furniture is not sustainable. It is so funny to watch beautiful custom homes and each has exactly the same cookie cutter art…

Real art enriches lives. True artists create from the bottom of their hearts, from an infinite place; it conveys a powerful message left for a viewer to be discovered.

  “…it usually takes 5 hours of continuous work until that “flow” state engaged, where time doesn’t exist, and your ego is no longer involved, as if channeling your Higher Self. Once those dues are paid, painting becomes pure joy, one begins to see the elements behind the obvious, the inner quiet that allows the spirit to flow” – Robert Brasher, artist

Local Art Stars are those true artists who remarkably creates visual spaces to be drawn in.  Our art “washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Picasso.

“I know each artist, I know how they create”, – U.D. – “There is no flaw or fake art. I find richly innovative or traditional artworks and sending them directly to you”.

That’s the art level we are talking about.


Intellectual Fun

Art like wine “wants” to be dwell on, discussed, compared, analyzed…  and it is somewhat addictive… A little bit of education and a lot of fun make our clients extremely happy, loyal, they expect more, and we deliver it every single time!

Local Art Stars provides full service art shows on demand. Imagine art gallery show at your retail store: wine, cheese, art and a lot of laughter. “Meet the artist!” or “Why Impressionism?” People are longing for intellectual evenings and to bring a piece of it home.

We also provide personal presentations. “I call it Art Police. It suppose to be entertaining… Sometimes I even bring Picasso for extreme surprise” – U.D.  – “I make people informally relaxed and fascinated by art world”.

An intellectual fun what makes us a superior art vendor.